Monday, January 31, 2011


Except for an hour or so in the morning, I did not play much today. Today is a holiday here in Auckland. I think it's Auckland day--forgot what the actual name of the holiday is. Wife and kids were home. Incidentally, the first day of the first term for the 2011 school year starts tomorrow.

Wife wanted to go to the mall and get stuff for the kids. After breakfast, I purged my observed hand history on holdem manager. After that, I ran defragment to take this pc run smooth again. Finally before leaving, I ran F-secure antivirus.

I do not have any antivirus program installed on my pc other than the standard windows firewall and windows defender. This used to have norton antivirus when it was brand new. When the trial period expired, I installed avira and a few other free antivirus programs. Eventually, I removed all 3rd party antivirus programs on my pc. These were slowing down my pc big time.

Some people might gasp at the thought of not having antivirus on their pc. Really, it's like the security guard issue in manila. There's too many of them and you really can't tell if they really are stopping the terrorists from bombing public places.

To scan my unit, I just go to a free online scanning service. The one I frequent is F-secure. Their antivirus is java-based, so no install is necessary--it wouldn't slow down my pc in any way. I connect to fsecure at least once a week and run antivirus. It takes at least two hours to finish a full scan.

It has been more than a year that I am doing this. The worst issue I have (now and then) is getting spyware. Other free online antivirus sites, like bitdefender sometimes fail to detect spyware on my pc. Not with fsecure. Trendmicro also has a free scan, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I'll play tomorrow. In the meantime, I am installing 'Atlantica Online' on my pc.