Monday, January 24, 2011


pokerstars - jan 2011

Weekends are choppy for me. And now I understand why. I play in a level where you find a lot of newbies, and such players, they tend to look you up with top pair. They call almost every hand they get, when they get one pair, they go to showdown with it--no matter what.

It is great when they go with you to value town, but it frustrates me on sessions where I get nothing. I get sessions where I find myself with 3 or 4 fish on the table, and all that time, I flop middle pair at best and my cbets get called; or I get top set and everyone else folds. Worse, I go all in with made hands on the flop, fish calls and makes a bigger hand on the river. 


I have learned to accept that now. Times like these, I just close all tables and do something else. When I feel better, I come back.

One other thing I learned over the weekend is table selection. My method works best on tight tables. See those areas on the chart where it goes sideways? That's when I am experimenting on loose, big stack tables. Sometimes I do good, most of the time, it goes nowhere.

I know I am supposed to experiment and go outside of my comfort zone with my game. I'm taking it one concept at a time. When I feel comfortable with one concept, then I will pick the next easier one. Right now, I am perfecting my floats.

You'll notice that I have been posting performance on pokerstars a lot lately. Path of least resistance--their game platform is more stable.

It has been raining the last few days, and to think that it's summer. Compared to last year, January is when it really gets hot and humid. Not this year, I suppose. Kids start the new school year on the first week of February. That's good for me. It's back to peace and quiet around here--and I can go out while they are away.

All summer (december to january in nz) the few times I get to go out is when we go out as a family, or when I take a quick workout around the park. When these kids are in school, I take trips! I am thinking of increasing mileage on my training runs. I'm thinking I'll take the bus going to this particular place, then run back home, or vice versa. And I can do that every other day on my training days. Imagine that.

In the meantime, I am learning how to make screencast videos (again) from my pc. You have probably seen the one I made using GoAnimate's tools. I also have a screencast from screencast-o-matic and camstudio. I'm thinking I'll do a series that's related to my poker business, and another series for things of interest.