Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i tilt?

pokerstars jan 2011

full tilt poker jan 2011

Looking at these charts, I guess I do. You can't change what you don't own. How does it come about?

Looking over my database, I get these retracements when I get set over set, or when villain gets lucky on the river over a big pot. I see these as a setback and I am off my game. So what can I do about it?

I have two options:
A. I can stop playing right then and there. Take one hour off.
B. I can take five minutes off, sit out next hand all tables and just catch my breath, observe thoughts and emotions.
C. Switch poker sites.

If I had been playing more than an hour, then I'll choose option A. I'd take a break for an hour, do something else and let my mind cool off. On the other hand, if I am fresh on the session, I'll take option B. I think it's good practice that I continue playing under these circumstances.

What I did just now, after losing three big pots playing pokerstars, was close ps and fired up ftp. It was right on happy hour and I was playing more conscious of my self. The bankroll is still off from recent highs, but at least it is slowly inching itself up again.

I'm taking a break now, let the kids take over the PC. 

PS (4 hours later...)

Since I paid tuition in that session, what was the lesson? Using my "expertise" in computer programming, I decided to make changes on the pokerstars game platform on my pc to make sure the issue will never happen again. 

Take a look!