Friday, January 7, 2011


full tilt poker


9.57pm and I am calling it a day. I hardly keep track of how many hands I play in a day, more so, on a per site basis. I seem to be playing more hands on FT lately. This is because of happy hour. On my prime time, which is mornings here in NZ, first happy hour starts at 7am. The next one happens at 11. I do about an hour or so playing happy hour on FT, take a break, then do a set on pokerstars.

I intend to put in more hands on pokerstars for the higher VIP level, so late afternoons to early evenings, you will find me on pokerstars. I am back on bronze level on PS. The agreement with my backer was that I play 2NL. I was short about a hundred FPP's on the last few days of December. I could have maintained silver star if I played breakeven poker on 5NL.

It's back to the grind for me. I need to play ~50k hands on 2NL to make silver star. That's a lot. It is possible, but it's way too much for me. I'd rather play my a-game at 2NL to raise my bankroll so I can play 5NL. At 5NL, it is much easier to reach silver star level. This way, I am not pushing myself to earn the points and risk not being at my best.

Tomorrow morning, I run.