Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally--an easier way to share information on the web~

When I find an item of interest that I want to share, I just click on the amplify app icon on my chrome browser. I can then highlight, share, clip, and comment on that item and post them on my blog, facebook page and other media that I have running out there.

Amplify’d from
  1. How can I use Amplify to curate and share information I find on the web?

  1. Is Amplify free?

    • Yes, Amplify is free.

  1. Can I use Amplify to share videos I find on the web?

    • Yes. With the Amplify bookmarklet, you can Amplify online video from sites including Youtube, CNN, WSJ, Reuters, CBSNews, The Daily Show, CNet,,, Vimeo and many others.