Friday, January 7, 2011

calling 3bet at uNL


"...In summary, I would encourage everyone to focus on their postflop game instead of looking for what I refer to as "preflop drama" spots. Calling 3bets in the micros is generally a losing proposition/-EV so I highly encourage people to FOLD to the majority of 3bets that you face during your stint in the micros.

That said, I'm hoping that the beginning of this post showed you how you can make those light 3bettors "pay" for their preflop drama with some well-timed 4bets. I do not advocate 4betting light as I personally find that most of my opponents in the micros were not 3betting nearly as lightly as most people think. Just focus on the two players to your right and the two to your left and outplay those villains since they are the ones who will be giving you the most money."