Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bot Ring Discovered On Poker Stars

July 2010

After being tipped off by this thread on 2+2, PTR has used its bot detection technology to find overwhelming evidence that 10 accounts on PokerStars are being run by computer programs (and not humans). Collectively, they have played at least 8,320,121 hands at the $.25/$.50, $.5/$1 and $1/$2 NL levels, generated $186,572 in rake, and made $57,839 in profit (not including VIP benefits). These accounts are still active and have been observed playing on PokerStars today.

We urge PokerStars to freeze their accounts immediately.

The following 10 accounts stand accused:

7emenov bakabar craizer
mvra nakseon kozzin
demidou koldan Daergy

UPDATE: All 10 of these accounts have been frozen by Poker Stars and are no longer active.

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