Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The chart with the most hands but on a downswing is from pokerstars. The other chart is from my account at full tilt poker, on an upswing, but with far lesser hands.

I feel like I haven't been getting good hands at pokerstars lately. Those few times that I do get a big hand, either everyone folds (vpip/pfr is 25/20) or villain gets a bigger hand than I do.

To check if the issue is whether I am playing poorly or I am simply not getting a break, I play on full tilt poker. As you know, my tableninjaFT doesn't quite work well with the FT game platform so I try to minimize playing on FT, unless I need to.

These past few days, I feel like my game is better on FT simply because I get good hands and I win big pots. Villain gets the pot from me now and then, but my game flows easier because I am winning big pots. I am not playing any differently between both sites.

(This is why I write. I get to put my ideas "out there" where I can see them.)

I think I have an idea now on what needs to be done, but not quite sure how to verbalize it. It has something to do with me trying too hard. My game at FT is easier because it is my own money I am playing with. There is no pressure to perform. In the pokerstars account, I am trying too hard to show good numbers. I feel like a rookie playing his first game as a pro and everybody is watching.

How to get around this?

Detachment. Get that "don't-care" attitude.

See the ball, bit the ball. This is a mantra I learned from the book, Winning baseball. It means to not worry about the outcome, but put my attention on the process. Not to worry about getting a homerun when I am at-bat, but concentrate on seeing the ball and swing.

On the felt, this translates to, making a raise when I have my hole cards, value bet when I have the nuts, fold when I don't. Small hand, small pot. Big hand, big pot.

That was a good morning session for me. Time for a break and do the dishes.



while doing the dishes, my friend, bashar game me an idea on how to get that detached, don't care attitude. Ask youself this: what's the worst thing that can happen?

- I'd go on a downswing, probably lose my bankroll.
- I'd lose the stake.
- I'd never get staked again for the rest of my life.
- I'd have to get a job.
- my family/friends will forsake me.

If these things were to happen ALL at once, how would I be? how would I feel?

I'd feel bad about it, but after the dust has settled--I would still be OK.

I went through this process while finishing my morning chores and it felt good. I feel lighter. I had plenty of insights. Now that I have finished the chores, I am ready to play poker again.