Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am pooped. I ran and finished the 6k earlier, but had to get home immediately as I got hungry. Good thing that I did as the kids were already home. It's their last day of school and they were all sent home before lunch.

I did a few sessions after lunch, but my body was aching to get some rest, but the coke lite I drank getting home kept me awake. My body is that sensitive to caffeine that even a glass of coke lite will keep me from even taking a short nap after such a strenous workout. I guess I am going to go to bed early tonight.

The kids have from today until Feb. 1, 2011 time out from school. Here in auckland, summer vacation happens during christmas. That's a bummer if you grew up in the Philippine school system where summer vacation is almost two months and christmas break is two weeks. But if you were to look at their school schedule, they have two week off after each term. One term is approximately two months and there are four terms in one school year. Add all the term breaks together and that's two months total vacation.

The kids enjoy school here. I don't mind if they don't go to school at all, but they insist that they go to school--unless they are sick. They always have extra curricular activity to look forward to. I guess they also have more play time during class and it's not all school work. Back in my days, the only play time we had was during mid morning break and lunch break.

Am I going to play later? I'm not sure. I am keeping my options open. The kids have a friend sleeping over tonight. Some of them are playing, some are watching tv. I can't sleep, but my body is tired. So I write. I just write whatever comes to mind. When the mind stops, I stop and publish.