Thursday, December 23, 2010


Winnings chart from full tilt poker filtered to show this month only:

Winnings chart for pokerstars, filtered to show this month only:

Morning session. I decided to alternately play both accounts from ps and ftp from here on. I feel like my energy gets stuck playing one site exclusively. This way, I can see if my game has a leak or I'm just not having a good day in a particular site.

Pokerstars, although looking bearish for the month, just formed what could be a reverse pattern--higher high and higher lows. In trader's lingo, this is called a 1-2-3 pattern. The chart is on a downtrend, shows a bounce to make a high, retraces to make a higher low, then moves up to break the recent high.

What was differernt this time playing in pokerstars?

I decided to be open/detached while playing. That if I were to lose a buy-in, I'd charge that as tuition paid to be a better player, and move on. I did not care much about the outcome but I paid attention that I was value betting big hands. I was also playing loose, seeing a lot of flops. This helped me win a few big pots as villain probably thought I was trying to get him/her off with marginal hands.

Below you will find an article I found off wikipedia. I was contemplating the connection between luck and variance. I think the two are somewhat related. When things line up for you, grinders say that variance is working in their favor, while fish thinks they are lucky.

Luck is often perceived as something that is beyond one's control, but when you define luck as synchronicity, then you are in control. As synchronicity, everything that happens to you--good or bad, is a stepping stone, a part of the process.

So how do you put more positive synchronicity into your life?

Look up "Bashar" in youtube.