Sunday, December 19, 2010


It is quiet here. I just drove my four kids to a birthday party. Wife is at work. It's just me and smokey, our cat. Typically, I'd fire up my poker software and play poker until it's time to pick up everyone. I don't want to play poker right now.

Ok, maybe later. Not right now.

It has been raining the last three days. I have been sick the last four days. I want to do something different. I'd like to run, but I choose not to because I'm sick. I can do light running if I choose to do so, but that might only prolong my condition. Might as well take it easy then.

I felt apprehensive leaving the four kids at the birthday party. I'm not really doing anything here. Back in manila, parents are expected to stay and participate in the birthday party. Typically, that birthday party is going to be held in jollibee. You go through the same jollibee birthday party process. Each one is the same no matter which branch you go. There's a short program, some games, you eat, then jollibee or some other mascot comes in and will do a short dance number. Such parties last about two hours.

I am glad we don't do that anymore.

Here, it's differernt. I drop off my kid/s to the birthday party, then come back an hour or two later. They'd have food, games, and anything that the host parents can think of to make it fun for everyone. At least there is no giant mascot dancing in the living room.

That's how I remember my birthday parties were. I distinctly remember one or two, but no giant mascots. There was a lot of playing, running around, gifts especially.

My eldest daughter has her own phone. I told her that she text me when they want to go home. If that happens around 6pm, then we go pick up their mom and we do our grocery.

This morning, I had my first skype video call. We called my mother in-law who was living in Italy. It was fun. It was exciting! Not talking to the in-law, but the fact that we were talking to a person half way across the world and it did not cost us an extra dollar to do so. That is amazing.

A decade ago, I'd have to go to the telecom office, fill up an application form, then wait for an available telephone booth to make the call. I can't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't cheap.

Today, we have skype. I chat with people from everywhere in the world using skype, facebook, google and sometimes, through SMS. The internet has made the world such a smaller place. Information spreads fast and efficient in the blink of an eye.

I wonder how things would be like ten years from now?