Sunday, December 12, 2010


I paid tuition yesterday, two buy-ins on separate hands. First one happened before my first 10 hands for the day. That didn't affect me as much thinking that I can get that back later in the day. But then almost every hand I had, everyone was calling my cbet. It's the same old song: when I get big hands, I got no one to play with, but when I cbet with air, everyone joins the party. When I lost my second hand, I took a break, played very few hands for the rest of the day.

Is it because the stakes are too low that any newbie can call to river with one pair? It was a saturday. That must have been the case. At least for me, that was how it felt like. But that's behind me now.

I did not get to play as many hands today. Most of my morning was spent talking to potential backers. By the time we closed a deal, it was almost lunch. Then I had to drive my kids to their music lesson, plus one daughter got sick.

I was already in the park doing my training run, but my sick daughter (she wanted to come along) said it was too hot even in the shade and wanted to go home. I stopped at about the first kilometer on my run and went home.

Tomorrow is a monday. I love mondays. Kids are all in school and I have the house all to myself--and the cat.