Sunday, December 19, 2010

stake week 1

I have just sent my backer this week's hand history. This chart filtered to show hands for the stake period from sunday last week to last night's action. This backer isn't as picky as the first one. Backer 2 did not specify if I should be sending him hand histories on a weekly basis, which is good. He only mentioned that he was open to discuss problem hands if I had any. Since I'm doing maintenance on my HEM today, I decided to send him my hh on a weekly basis.

I played 12k hands last week. That's a lot. I didn't notice I was playing that much. That's more than my projected 1k per day. Is that good? I think so. I can taper off a bit so I can spend more time with problem hands. I have been playing 10 tables instead of 12 the last few days. Playing with maximum buy in wouldn't allow me to play 12.

Going over HEM for the stake period, I noticed that I wasn't as aggressive as I thought I was. For total hands, my total Af was barely 3. Looking deeper on a per street level, my A% on the flop was 43% vs turn A% of 7.2 and river 11.00. This tells me that on the flop, I am making an aggressive move about half the time. I don't think it's a negative that my Af total is 2.99. This number figures turn and river numbers so I'd get a lower average.

I also noticed that I played way more hands from early position. Although I made money, people say I should be playing more from late postion. Comparing early position stats to late position, I made more money from EP than LP. Two hands from LP cost me my stack. This is why EP shows profit whereas LP doesn't. LESSON: play more from LP.

Here's how things are doing from the long term perspective:

I woke up at around 5am. I have coughs and colds these last few days. I haven't done any training runs since the last time I planned to go out, that was three days ago. I think I've turned a corner with this issue and am starting to feel better.