Saturday, December 18, 2010

pokerstars rigged?

Going through a draw down, I was starting to entertain the idea that pokerstars is rigged. It's a good thing I found this on the internet:

Posted by C55L:
So we can say that poker stars is rigged? when they sign isuldur1 he automaticly wins 300k ar low stakes.
Can we say that you sir, are a complete moron.

They stand to lose a far lot more by rigging something, than just keeping it clean and raking in millions.300k? That's pocket change. Why would they risk millions for something silly like that?

When one of those high stakes players or pro's steps forward with proof that the site is rigged, I'll read into it. But until then, people who claim sites are rigged, are just immature, unintelligent cry babies and sore losers.

I bid you good day

It is true that I am going through a draw down, but it's not because of pokerbots or that the poker site is rigged. Going through my HEM stats, I find that I was playing marginal hands more often--poor play.

I think the reason for this is that I get impatient. There is that idea in me that says that I am not yet a good player, then hoping to catch a lifesaver on the river after going all-in. It's not that luck has run out, but that I was hoping to get lucky.

So how am I going to go from here?

Play my game. Choose to play low variance poker. Small hand, small pot; big hand, big pot. This worked before and it is still going to work. Fish rely on luck. Winning players play with the odds in their favor.

Two kids are still in bed, the other two are watching tv. I am hesitant to start the morning session because the kids might get hungry soon and I'll have to cut the session short to make breakfast.

I am going to start anyway. If I need to stop, so be it.