Monday, December 20, 2010

health care

I went to see my doctor this afternoon. Consultation cost $16 (1NZD~Php30). He looked me up, asked questions about how I was feeling and prescribed the following:

- 2 types of anti-histamine: one that I take during the day for the irritation on my throat, and the other one I take at night to help me sleep.
- antibiotics
-paracetamol for my fever

Quantity was good for one week.

I also asked a refill on my cholesterol and antihypertensives. The doctor gave me a prescription refill good for three months. All in all, total for these medications was roughly $60. Since these are subsidized, I only paid $20.

All of our kids go to a good public school. Their medical and dental needs are serviced for free. Medication for children are also subsidized. Hospitalization is free. I have a pinoy buddy here whose wife gave birth (c-section) last year and they only spent $10--to buy thank you cards for the medical staff. Pre-natal and post-natal care/check ups and medications for mother and child are also free.

I was talking to my wife about these and compared to what we have in manila. First off, the tax rate we had then was greater than 35%. Here in NZ, our tax rate is about 20%. This means that we are paying less tax here in NZ, but are getting a lot more benefits (if you may call it that) from the government.