Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ft + tableninjaft crashing

I just restarted my pc. I was opening up tables on full tilt poker, and suddenly the game platform froze--no response, then that dreaded white screen.

I don't know if it is the ft game platform itself that has problems, or the combination of ft, hem and tableninjaft. I think it is the latter. I haven't taken the time to isolate the issue. I need to open the ft platform first, then open several tables at once and see if I get the same problem. Then I need to close the ft platform, open tableninjaft plus ft platform and again open several tables. If the platform crashes, then it is that combination. I also need to do that with hem--open ft plus hem, open up several tables and see what happens. Then I need to close everything again, then this time, open all three and see how it goes.

That is going to take at about half an hour.

I might find the problem, but what concerns me is that I'd have to ask software support for assitance and that is going to take another three days. In the meantime, I am on semi-tilt, playing anxious waiting for the issue to be resolved. There's going to be a back and forth with tech support, sending files and getting feedback. If they can't find anything wrong with their product, they might say there is something wrong with my pc...

I am not going to go through all that. I'll always choose the path of least resistance--play in pokerstars.

In all twelve months that I have been playing with pokerstars (with hem and tableninja simultaneously), I only had a crash once or twice. That is what you call reliable. There was one time when pokerstars made changes on their game platform and tableninja did not quite work well. Within 24-hours, the issue was resolved entirely.

(*I did not get that kind of support from Notecaddy.)

I might choose to go through the trouble of isolating the issue with ft/tableninjaft/hem today. Or I might not. Not now at least. Maybe later. The combination still works when I use the manual table opening option within the ft platform, but it makes table selection a bit complicated.

I'd rather start playing instead.

So why bother playing at full tilt poker? Because it is FUN!

Winnings chart filtered to show only this month

It seems like the natives are gone (probably moved to pokerstars). Most of the players I find on my tables, I seldom have much history with them. Only a handful have more than 100 hands on their HUD and these tend to be nits.

I just played a session on ft just now. It lasted less than half an hour and I had four showdowns where villain had two pair at best. I had to stop as one of the tables froze when I closed that using a tableninjaFT hotkey (and I thought they had that fixed).

I am taking a break now, make breakfast for the kids. In the meantime, I am firing up my gear to play on pokerstars.