Thursday, December 23, 2010

end of day

I had a good day playing both accounts today, ending on a positive note. As I mentioned before, I am now playing both accounts on a daily basis, alternating one with the other throughout the day. This so I can tell if there's a leak in my game, or if variance is site-specific.

The pokerstars account is two buy-ins (100bb each bi) away from breaking even for the month, while the ftp account is in the black for this month. I am playing ~500 hands per session each site, taking about an hour and a half per session.

If I were to filter the pokerstars account to only show hands since the new stake started, it will show the bankroll on breakeven.
That is good news!

I have a theory as to why the bulls are showing strength again. It's too esoteric to discuss at the moment. It has something to do with the bashar videos on youtube that I mentioned in my other post.

In a nutshell, you can only go so far with the technicals of poker--starting hands, what to do per street, playing the odds, etc, There is a bigger picture to winning poker. Nits, maniacs, calling stations, TAGs and LAGs,: these methods all work and will make money in the long term. But there is one underlying quality that is common to winning poker and that is the player's state of being.

I made changes in my Self these last few days. I think what we are seeing in these charts reflect the change in my state of being. I am not going to expound on this for now. I would rather let the results speak for themselves over the coming weeks. I'll try and share a bit of what I understand as we go along.

About my health--I am feeling so much better now, considering all the medications I have been taking these last few days. I am thinking of resuming marathon training tomorrow, start off easy just to ease back into it. I was also able to plug a leak in my low carb diet. The vinegar I was using had a lot of sugar in it. No wonder it tasted sweet. I'm going back to using apple cider vinegar.