Saturday, December 25, 2010

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September 29, 2010
A List of Successes
Blog by : JungleMan

- Once upon a time I started playing poker for 'serious' money (nl100/nl200 live), I promptly lost ~3k, losing the vast majority of the sessions I played... I fell into a bit of debt, got a lousy job at McDonalds in order to pay it off and fuel my gambling fetish, read books and tried to learn from my mistakes, and dropped significantly down in stakes and played online.
- I once made a drastic, temporary change in my SNG strategy and went on a month-long (or so) downswing because of it, I learned of my flaw and fixed it, and then recovered from my downswing.
- After winning 300 $ playing .25/.5 blinds, I realized how much money could be made playing hu cash and quickly turned my focus towards winning money doing it.
- One day playing 2/4 I played all day to win 4kish, only to lose it all back in <1 hour ONE TABLING (also decent possibility I was cheated) ... I've had multiple days like this in my career, including - six figure days even at this point. I kept my head straight, reviewed my mistakes, and kept playing good poker.
- Playing 5/10, I lost 20k out of a 70k roll, grinded it back to 60 k in one week, only to lose it all to back to an even worse line (below 50k). Still I kept my head straight, continued playing rationally, and attempted to improve.
- When making the jump to 25/50, I ran into some players of a whole nother calibre--players that understood the game at a significantly greater level than myself for the first time since I began. Still I took them on and lost/swung for a decent time, this kind of downswing/recovery combo dragged on for a couple months (making the 5/10 pale in comparison), but eventually I fixed all my flaws and even began conquering some of the same players. Lol, I never imagined my 25/50 winrate would ever be near what is now. 
- You all know this story: I lost 500 k to Isildur one day... then the next day lost another 90 or so, losing a gigantic portion of my roll in two days. For once in a long time, the thought of legitimately going broke occurred to me... If this happened again anytime soon, I would be busto. Why couldn't this happen again after all? I convinced myself that I still had a lot of money, and that if I used it wisely I could still be a fairly wealthy person. I moved down in stakes, tightened up game selection and analyzed Isildur's strategy. and ended up going on one of the sickest heaters I've ever had. I won all the money I had lost back in about a month. 
I can't say that I've handled all my failures appropriately (some not appropriately at all), but I am fortunate that I utilized these failures well and in addition not experiences the extent of setbacks that some of you have felt. Long ago I dreamed I would succeed if I acted wisely given my circumstances, but to be honest I did not REALLY imagine it would be to this degree, and especially not this fast.
I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement, however... I think that anyone that truly takes the gist of this blog to heart and acts on it will effectively crush me. In many other areas of my life I certainly haven't truly followed the implicit paradigm of this blog, it is fortunate that my circumstances (genes, past experiences, whatever) have allowed me to react properly to my circumstances without any explicit knowledge. Now imagine, what if this pattern could be applied to everything? With everyone?... What would be the result?