Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Checking on analytics, this blog is getting a lot of fresh traffic--39% of total visits. That's a lot. It all adds up towards this business' bottom line.

Welcome everyone!

I paid tuition tonight playing my celebpoker account. I made some poor decisions, betting one pair past flop when I should be checking it down, or folding. Next time I play the celebpoker account, I will be playing one table. That one is about three/four bi's away from getting busted.

Lesson learned? Small hand, small pot. That one got reinforced well and hard on me tonight.

Moving on.

I signed up for a freeroll on pokerstars. It starts in 30-minutes. It's 9pm here in NZ. I'll play this one as far as it will go. Play this one the way I play cash games to tweak and fine tune my game.
Playing as Now Open. Played good hole cards, IMO, but other player got lucky. These things happen.
NL Holdem $40(BB) Full Tilt Game#19701340189

rectian_99 ($1,665)
ozrockss ($4,380)
GPOSTMA ($1,515)
JDWDEANO ($4,320)
PeregonVVIK ($705)
Now Open ($1,500)
Romus72 ($1,500)

rectian_99 posts (SB) $20
ozrockss posts (BB) $40

Dealt to Now Open 7s 7h
fold, fold, fold,
Now Open calls $40
Romus72 calls $40
rectian_99 calls $20
ozrockss raises to $400
Now Open calls $360
fold, fold,
FLOP ($880) 2h 9h 5d
ozrockss bets $880
Now Open calls $880
TURN ($2,640) 2h 9h 5d 3d
ozrockss bets $240
Now Open calls $220 (AI)
RIVER ($3,080) 2h 9h 5d 3d 4d
Now Open shows 7s 7h
(Pre 82%, Flop 82.5%, Turn 81.8%)

ozrockss shows 6c 7c
(Pre 18%, Flop 17.5%, Turn 18.2%)

ozrockss wins $3,080


While waiting for an FTP freeroll to start, I won this HP printer from The kids need one for their homework. My winning bid: $1.
I have a 5yo son. He keeps coming in and out of my room and get my attention with Questions or anything he wants to say. I find myself agitated with this. Either I learn how to deal with this resistance, or I stop playing poker when the kids are around.

sluggish pc

Something feels wrong with my computer. Under my folder, I see a number of folders which, first, I did not create, and what's weird about them is that I get "access denied" when I try to open them. They were created around that time when I was having problems with the pc a few weeks back. I have antivirus on my pc, but they come up negative when I run them.

I am not going to let this affect my state of being. I know this is part of the process. I have a second computer, just need to allow for that to manifest. How to do that? I follow my excitement.

From now on, I am adding titles to my blog. I created an RSS feed in google gadgets, and have that in my igoogle page.

The following day...

Last night before turning in, I googled "free online antivirus scan" and found the f-secure website. They have a number of free tools that I was able to run on my pc. I don't think this unit has a virus, rather, it is showing the effects of old age. It has been two years since I got this. The software that I use to play poker are resource intensive--means I need a better pc.

I found a dealer that sells computers via online auction. A souped up desktop without monitor would only cost NZ$600.

short term uptrend?

Betfred account chart for the last 500 hands. My game is definitely on a short term uptrend. I played two tables at 2NL. I was patient, waiting for the right hole cards to leverage. It's not that I wasn't getting good cards in the past, it's just that I did not play well the good cards that do come my way.

Time to pick up the kids from school.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back in Full Tilt

Started playing in FT again, to get my confidence back in time for take2 promo. I played one table using the same method I used, rather tweaked in freerolls. It worked. I gained some big blinds, more than 10bb's, definitely not 50.

I was patient. I waited for good cards to play. There were two fishes in the table. I think I got some from each of them, plus a few chips from the other players. I found myself still drawing for FDs when I shouldn't. I think I did that twice, but that seems acceptable given the number of times I was able to restrain myself.

I'd only play draws if I was ahead by one bi, about 50bb. If not, I'd keep to waiting and playing safe.

My FT bankroll is still some way off breakeven. That's ok. Graph made short term breakout from congestion. That's good. I am improving. The chart is based on all hands played to-date, so the improvement wouldn't be that evident. The congestion area was time for review, find and plug leaks. Plenty of tuition was paid in the past. Now it's time to move on up.

Here is how it looks from the last 1,000 hands:
Tweaked my hand ranges some more based on cash games and tourneys played so far.

5% : 77 to AA
10%: 66+, AK, AQ
15%: 22+, AXs
20%: BRs
25%: KXs+, 1GapS, 32s+
30%: AX
40%: BR
50%: FD

weirdest freeroll so far

I signed up for the titanpoker $50 beginner's freeroll this morning. At first, the game was interesting. I was able to close out a LAG +2 to my right. After a few minutes, I noticed I was going heads up with the same one player on my left. Looking around, all the other players were sitting out.

I know others use this as a strategy to stay alive in the game, keep their stack longer. When they get good hole cards, they play. So I played this guy heads up. Might as well get some practice while I am in it.

While playing, I noticed not one of the other players were checking or raising. So I raised atc (any two cards). They all folded, except for this guy I was playing with. I began to suspect this guy wasn't even real.

I'd raise atc, everyone else will fold except for this one guy, depending on his hole cards. There were ten of us in the table, but only two were actively playing. Now and then, one of the ghost seats will call a bet. But if either me or the other guy raised, even just called a bet, the ghost seat automatically folds.


I thought this was a good opportunity for me to finish in the money. I was looking at the tourney stats after each hand. It has been above 700 for the past hour. Like one player was getting dropped every 10 minutes for the last one hour.

Playing freerolls in pokerstars or full tilt, at least one player gets dropped out every minute or so. In this freeroll, hardly anyone was getting dropped.

To finish in the money, this is going to take all day, I thought to myself. So I closed the window. I'd rather play in the cash games, learn something in the process, than play zombies in a freeroll that might take all day.

I have just finished ftp freeroll and finished, IMO, in a respectable position. I played my game. I made progress having a stack of about 50bb at my highpoint. At that time, I was confident I could make the 250th place cut-off.

It's past midnight. i am tired. I will update this tomorrow.

The following day...

Here is the hand that got me. I had TT on bb. Flop gave me a set. He had AA.

Full Tilt Poker Game #19651244905: Round 1 Freeroll (149941914), Table 104 - 150/300 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 6:41:25 ET - 2010/03/29
Seat 1: Holcroft1 (7,481)
Seat 2: UBSBRIXIA (20,350)
Seat 3: pokerkidd123 (16,267)
Seat 4: SPORTISTS-84 (35,475)
Seat 5: gopanes (8,417), is sitting out
Seat 6: Now Open (14,940)
Seat 7: Shells_Scd (9,845)
Seat 8: singing hamer (7,005), is sitting out
Seat 9: hadesxyz123 (26,330)
Holcroft1 antes 25
UBSBRIXIA antes 25
pokerkidd123 antes 25
SPORTISTS-84 antes 25
gopanes antes 25
Now Open antes 25
Shells_Scd antes 25
singing hamer antes 25
hadesxyz123 antes 25
gopanes posts the small blind of 150
Now Open posts the big blind of 300
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Now Open [Ts Th]
Shells_Scd calls 300
singing hamer folds
hadesxyz123 folds
Holcroft1 raises to 900
UBSBRIXIA calls 900
pokerkidd123 folds
SPORTISTS-84 folds
gopanes folds
Now Open calls 600
Shells_Scd calls 600
*** FLOP *** [Td Qs Kc]
Now Open has 15 seconds left to act
Now Open checks
Shells_Scd bets 300
Holcroft1 raises to 6,556, and is all in
Now Open has 15 seconds left to act
Now Open calls 6,556
Shells_Scd folds
Holcroft1 shows [Ac Ad]
Now Open shows [Ts Th]
*** TURN *** [Td Qs Kc] [As]
*** RIVER *** [Td Qs Kc As] [5d]
Holcroft1 shows three of a kind, Aces
Now Open shows three of a kind, Tens
Holcroft1 wins the pot (17,387) with three of a kind, Aces
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 17,387 | Rake 0
Board: [Td Qs Kc As 5d]
Seat 1: Holcroft1 showed [Ac Ad] and won (17,387) with three of a kind, Aces
Seat 2: UBSBRIXIA folded on the Flop
Seat 3: pokerkidd123 folded before the Flop
Seat 4: SPORTISTS-84 (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: gopanes (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: Now Open (big blind) showed [Ts Th] and lost with three of a kind, Tens
Seat 7: Shells_Scd folded on the Flop
Seat 8: singing hamer folded before the Flop
Seat 9: hadesxyz123 folded before the Flop

I played well. These things happen.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Freeroll on pokerstars. 9,000 players, finished above top 300. It started around 4pm-ish and come dinner time, I was still in the table and more than 200 players on the tourney. I decided to go all in on an OK hand since my stack was around 10xbb. Got called, got beat.

I played my game. I was patient. I was aggressive in the right places--using leverage to my advantage. Most of the time, my stack was below average. As long as I was playing well, I was good with that.

I am going to take a shower now, have dinner and see what I can play later. There's another tourney coming up and registration starts in 6 minutes. Will sign up and see if I'd still want to play that later.

call station play

Re: How to deal with hyperagressive regs
With 24/20 pre flop play. I do not mind being out of position with this type of player. His range for raising pre flop is something like (all pairs, any 2 broadway, any suited A, and middle suited connecters).

The hand does not start until he makes a bet or folds. That puts me in position on every hand. Once he raises or folds, everyone else acts before me. If I am 1 seat to his right. I get to decide what I want to do after everyone else acts. I can stop the raises by simply calling. I can check to him and he will make my raise for me. I now have a well concealed hand. I know he will cbet most every flop. I check the flop and get another raise. As long as I call his bets and do not raise, he thinks I am weak and keeps betting. This is the one player I can become a calling station against.

The quote I once read said "why do the push-in when a donkey will do the pull-in?"

Speculate in black.
I am disappointed. announced a freeroll exclusively for its facebook fans. When you sign up as a fan, they will PM you the password for the freeroll.

Next thing I know, the freeroll is already full and I did not even get a PM from them in my inbox. They posted a message in their facebook page "apologizing" that not everyone received the PM. That they "did their best" to send everyone the invites.

What does that tell me?

Time to unsubscribe.
No, I did not get the free $50 for party poker. I've uninstalled the software and am now looking to sign up for a rakeback account. I'm not sure I want a new account, but their cash game championship looks interesting.

I'll put this in the back of my mind, let it cook for a while. If I still find interest in this, then I am sure the way will present itself. If not, it wasn't the right time.

5 minutes later...

I stand corrected. The partypoker cash games championships starts off at 100NL. Too high a stake for my bankroll. I will pass.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I played following my gameplan--that's what I did right today. How come the downswing? Variance? I wasn't getting "it" this time. I was disciplined. I was patient. Things seem to not work out, so I stopped and call it a day. I always play again tomorrow.

I paid tuition here. What did I learn?

I was drawing after the flop. That's not profitable for me. Next time, I will play drawing hands only when I am ahead. If I am not ahead, play to flop, then proceed only with made hands.

Played the betfred account morning session, and I am making progress in my win rate. This chart shows last 300 hands. Overall, this account is still way below breakeven. Plenty of tuition was paid from this account. And here are my Overall stats to-date

What did I do right?
- I stopped playing unsuited connectors.
- prioritized suits in starting hands.
- inside out, I waited patiently for good hole cards.
- ratholed? Yes, I did. Part of the gameplan. I make +50bb, I move to a different table. Why give up my edge?

I lost a stack early in the game.

In the past, that would tilt me and I'd stop playing. I've changed that too. How? When the thought or emotion shows up, I just observe/note that it is there. No need to wrestle with it. Allowing them to be there, to show me the light. I was able to recover that stack from other players, and made a nice profit in the process.

In a nutshell these are the vpip/pfr range that I use when playing:
5% : 77 to AA
10%: 66+, AK, AQ
15%: 22+, AXs
20%: BRs
25%: AX, 1GapS, 54s+
30%: 32s+, BR
40%: FD
50%: K5o+

Kids are back from church, wife went off to work. I'm taking a break, make spaghetti for lunch.

On second thought, kids are having junkfood. I'll do yoga first, then make spaghetti later.
I tried the hotkeys on the partypoker platform. Too complicated for me at this time. Everything is a two button combination. It was easy doing the standard raise, call fold. What I couldn't figure out was how to cycle through the different tables that I was playing. Even alt+tab didn't work.

They had a stacking console which you can opt to use, but that too was added complication. I think I will stick to playing with my other accounts for now. If the bonus account for party gets approved, then I will try party and see if I can make their hotkeys work for me.

Ok, I am sold.

I downloaded the partypoker platform yesterday and had time to look over it this morning. What got me was that they had keyboard shortcuts incorporated into their platform. No need to get a third party software that costs $60.

They also have a stacking console bundled in and these two help tremendously when playing multiple tables. I have the platform open right now and plan to get acquainted with it all day.

I am expecting a deposit bonus from pokerstrategy any time soon. When that comes through, then I play asap. If not, I may have to find a rakeback site that offers party to its members--and sign up as an affiliate.

The drawback with party is that they have less players. They might have far less players than the ipoker network. But with these improvements in their platform, I think it'd be easy to get more players with good advertising.

They also offer cash game championships. I need to play like 400 hands each day, no matter what stakes I play in. They then gather up each player's session and pick the ones that has the better results. Party then moves these players to a different level each time until they hit the final table.

It is all done online. There might not be a live championship in las vegas or something. This is only offered with party. I am ok with that. I am going to follow that and see where it leads to.

I read somewhere in 2p2 that players here are short stackers. One look in 2NL and I see almost all players on the table had more than 50bb stack. That's not playing short stack.

Partypoker does not offer rakeback, but they do have a rewards system in place. I am done with rakeback. I think I can make better return on my money playing 4d poker. I am also looking for bonuses in the cash games. If I were fish, this is what I'd be looking for. Rakeback are for regs. Sites with rakebacks attract the regs. If I were fish, I wouldn't look for rakeback as I only play on my free time.

I researched partypoker on 2p2 and found some issues. It seems that this site is indeed a favorite of short stackers. I am going to hold off putting in my own money for now. I'll wait and see if my deposit bonus comes in, then play that. If it grows, then good. If not, then I learned how to play with short stackers and will be a better player for it.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

One thing I noticed today playing the tourneys, I am not playing as well as I do in cash games. I tend to be careless with my hand reading. Good thing that I see this in me. I can improve on this from hereon.

PS freeroll starting in less than a minute.
As I write this, there are 93,000 players online at pokerstars. They are still the biggest online poker site in the world. I am reigstered to play in one of the freerolls, maximum players is 9,000 which fills up very fast.

I still have a few cents in my account with ps. I moved almost all of it to ftp because of the rakeback. I decided to keep the few cents to keep the account active and that I can play freerolls. They have one up every few hours.

Maybe I can finish one tourney in the money, then I'd get funds to play cash games again. Or maybe I can deposit ten dollars. Hmmm. Maybe not. This will be a good incentive for me to make good in the freerolls.

This is the winrate chart, last 300 hands for my betfred account. I just finished a session playing four tables. Let me rephrase that, ratholed about 8 to ten tables. When I make 50bb profit on one table, I close that and get a new one.

Last 300 hands showing an uptrend showing predominantly higher highs and higher lows. This could be the start of a reversal. It's still a long way to go from breakeven, but it's promising. I am still playing 4d, as I am calling it where I play only strong, good cards; cards with potential on the turn and river, rather than just join the pissing contest preflop.

So what did I do right?
- I played 4 tables. Ego was quiet trying to catch up with the clicks to make.
- I get nothing on the flop, I fold on bet. If they choose to check it down, then I join them.
- small hand, small pot. One pair, even if tptk, I check down to river; but only up to a certain price. I don't go all in.
- preflop, I wait for good starting cards. Premium cards to suited one gaps will do. I call with these, and if reraised, I call20.
- inside out, I kept the ego busy, focused on the action at hand instead of worrying how it is doing or how things will work out "in the long term."

Aside from AA, KK, I don't see why I should be raising with the other hole cards preflop. Even these two premiums I am having doubts raising preflop. The reason is this:

I raise preflop with monster cards AA, KK. Everyone folds and I get maybe 5 to 12 big blinds. What if I just called and see what turns up on the flop? If I make a set with these hole cards, then I can hide that fact, call to turn, then go all in on the river.

Play like this is very unpredictable. If used against me, I can't tell which hands villain is playing. If you looked at the forums on uNL, you'd find posts where villain went subterfuge then shoved on the river out of nowhere.

I'm taking a break now, do the dishes, take a nap. It's a saturday and wife is at the office. I an make two sessions until bedtime. This is what it's like playing full time poker.

Friday, March 26, 2010

This is what happens when I play detached.

I played in celebpoker playing 4 tables 2NL. What was different? I just clicked--raise, call, check or fold. Not much thinking other than, "do I have the nuts?" If the answer is no, then I folded. If I think I did have the nuts, then I bet. If I were drawing, the question was how good were my odds of drawing? If the price is right, I went flat. If villain gave me terrible pot odds, then he probably had made hands and I folded.

No time for emotions. I had to move to the next table to click. When I was playing less table, I'd have time to fuel the thoughts and emotions and that will affect my game.

Come to think of it, I like the gui on celebpoker (and titanpoker). You should see it. Betfred's gui isn't as good. This could have something to do with my game, but this is lame. I think I was playing differently this time.

I was on a roll, then I shifted my sitting position and my foot caught on some of the cables under the table. Next thing I knew, I was disconnected. I'm taking a break now, come back in half an hour.

I decided to test my game in ftp this afternoon. Bankroll went sideways, made some good plays, and still had a number of kinks to iron out. For one, I get too emotional when it's my money that's on the line. With the ipoker accounts, those are live accounts, but I got those from no deposit bonuses.

So my practice here on is to play in ftp and simply observe the thoughts and emotions that arise. If it isn't what I prefer, then I'd acknowledge that I have already dealt with them previously--knowing that I am filtering the experience through negative definitions. And that all I need to do is to redefine the situation.

I am not losing money. I am paying tuition and I am becoming a better player in the process.

I was playing five tables. The kids just got back from school. I will try this again tomorrow morning. For now, I'm going to play ipoker. is having a $1,000 freeroll this sunday. All I did to do to join this freeroll is become a fan of on facebook. The mechanics of this is that you become a fan, then they PM you the tournament (on ftp) number and password shortly before things start.

With less than 1,000 fans at the moment, I think I have a good chance of finishing in the money. Even if the number of fans were to balloon to 2,000 before sunday, I can still finish good. We'll see what happens.

I'm going to play in more freerolls from here on.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things have shifted again around here.

Wife has a new job. She works mostly from afternoons to late night. Mornings I still get to play, but wife is at home then. It's good that she's home. For one, I have company when I take a break. Afternoon, kids come home from school, then I attend to their needs, and prepare dinner.

After dinner to kids' bedtime, I play poker. Wife typically won't be home until after ten. Tonight she'll be in the office til midnight.

Although the results don't show it, I am playing better poker lately. The shift has been made, the reflection follows.

HM vacuum

7,000+ hands played to-date.

How did I know? I just ran a vacuum on my holdem manager. It told me it had more than 7,000 hands to delete.
You may have noticed some changes in my blog. As I too, am evolving, so does this blog. I am developing a method of play that suits me best. A lot of it came from resources found on the internet. You will find the relevant links in earlier posts.

It's not exactly TAG or LAG, but a little of both. Stats on my HUD are the usual VPIP/PFR/Ag/Ag% on the first line. Second line is WSF/W$SD/WTSD. I've tried using other stats, but the more numbers I see, the more the ego gets involved in the game, trying to think out the outcome. So I just keep my HUD stats to these two lines and observe how they play.

Basically, I try to see as many cheap flops as I can. If I get hole cards good enough to raise, like premiums, I raise. If hole cards are not premiums, then I limp in. If raised, I call. If villain is very loose and aggressive preflop, I take this into consideration and decide if calling their raise is worth the investment or not.

You probably know where this is headed. On the flop, I land a set, I go aggressive, get a showdown. If medium hands, I fold, unless others are weak too. Usually, weak hands, I check down or fold.

I also build my table image. That if I am perceived as playing only strong hands, then I can afford to make a bluff here and there. When my HUD stats show me as playing TAG, it is time to make a bluff.

My bankroll seems to be steadier given the few days that I have tweaked and tested it. Playing either TAG or LAG, the swings were wider, wilder. I'd be up one day, then down big time the next. I think I was playing the way I think others say I should play, and that did not mesh well with my personality.

Last 300 hands win rate chart. This is a composite of the different accounts that I play. Three are from ipoker and one from full tilt. Big downswings are from betfred, the rest hover around breakeven. Betfred is the one account I practice with the most. It's a free stack bonus I got from passing the quiz at The more I play this account, the more points I make, which unlocks the other free lessons from the site.

Whenever I want to tweak my game, I go to betfred.

NL Holdem $0.02(BB) IPoker Game#2187490168

xiaoqiang818 ($1.85)
8FatBoy8 ($5.80)
CQR121952352 ($2.15)
54Suited ($5.12)
adda90x ($1.63)
bookupka86 ($1.12)
PingPhuong ($5)
mei7777 ($0.79)
NowOpen ($1.02)

xiaoqiang818 posts (SB) $0.01
8FatBoy8 posts (BB) $0.02

Dealt to NowOpen Jc Kd
fold, fold, fold,
bookupka86 calls $0.02
fold, fold,
NowOpen calls $0.02
xiaoqiang818 calls $0.01
8FatBoy8 checks
FLOP ($0.08) Qc Tc 4s
xiaoqiang818 checks
8FatBoy8 checks
bookupka86 checks
NowOpen bets $0.02
xiaoqiang818 folds
8FatBoy8 calls $0.02
bookupka86 folds
TURN ($0.12) Qc Tc 4s 9s
8FatBoy8 bets $0.06
NowOpen raises to $0.30
8FatBoy8 raises to $1.02
NowOpen calls $0.68 (AI)
RIVER ($2.08) Qc Tc 4s 9s 2h
NowOpen shows Jc Kd
(Pre 75%, Flop 89.8%, Turn 96.6%)

8FatBoy8 shows 8h Jd
(Pre 25%, Flop 10.2%, Turn 3.4%)

NowOpen wins $1.95

fold played well
NL Holdem $0.02(BB) IPoker Game#2187484401

kribu ($1.37)
xiaoqiang818 ($1.90)
8FatBoy8 ($5.91)
CQR121952352 ($2.11)
54Suited ($5.07)
adda90x ($1.68)
bookupka86 ($0.02)
PingPhuong ($5.02)
mei7777 ($0.82)
NowOpen ($1.02)

kribu posts (SB) $0.01
xiaoqiang818 posts (BB) $0.02

Dealt to NowOpen Ad 9c
8FatBoy8 calls $0.02
fold, fold, fold, fold, fold,
NowOpen raises to $0.09
kribu calls $0.08
8FatBoy8 calls $0.07
FLOP ($0.29) 3h 6s 6d
kribu bets $0.04
8FatBoy8 calls $0.04
NowOpen folds
TURN ($0.37) 3h 6s 6d 8h
kribu checks
8FatBoy8 checks
RIVER ($0.37) 3h 6s 6d 8h 7d
kribu checks
8FatBoy8 checks
kribu shows Kd Ks
(Pre 81%, Flop 88.8%, Turn 95.5%)

8FatBoy8 shows 4h 4d
(Pre 19%, Flop 11.2%, Turn 4.5%)

kribu wins $0.35

NL Holdem $0.02(BB) IPoker Game#2187482893

mei7777 ($0.84)
NowOpen ($1.17)
kribu ($1.39)
xiaoqiang818 ($1)
8FatBoy8 ($5.91)
CQR121952352 ($2.11)
54Suited ($5.07)
adda90x ($1)
bookupka86 ($1.02)
PingPhuong ($5.02)

mei7777 posts (SB) $0.01
NowOpen posts (BB) $0.02

Dealt to NowOpen Js Ks
fold, fold, fold, fold, fold,
adda90x calls $0.02
fold, fold,
mei7777 calls $0.01
NowOpen checks
FLOP ($0.06) Tc Qc 5s
mei7777 checks
NowOpen checks
adda90x bets $0.14
mei7777 folds
NowOpen calls $0.14
TURN ($0.34) Tc Qc 5s 8s
NowOpen checks
adda90x bets $0.60
NowOpen calls $0.60
RIVER ($1.54) Tc Qc 5s 8s 3c
NowOpen checks
adda90x checks
NowOpen shows Js Ks
(Pre 63%, Flop 44.7%, Turn 40.9%)

adda90x shows 7d Qd
(Pre 37%, Flop 55.3%, Turn 59.1%)

adda90x wins $1.44

draw heavy board
NL Holdem $0.02(BB) IPoker Game#2187469988

mei7777 ($0.95)
NowOpen ($1.02)
gazzapam ($0.24)
teckcc88 ($2.10)
8FatBoy8 ($5)
CQR121952352 ($2.06)
ryuperu ($8.68)
monafa ($1.78)
bookupka86 ($0.95)
PingPhuong ($5)

mei7777 posts (SB) $0.01
NowOpen posts (BB) $0.02

Dealt to NowOpen 8h 8d
gazzapam calls $0.02
teckcc88 calls $0.02
fold, fold, fold,
monafa raises to $0.04
PingPhuong calls $0.04
mei7777 calls $0.03
NowOpen calls $0.02
gazzapam calls
teckcc88 calls $0.02
FLOP ($0.22) Ad Ah 6d
mei7777 checks
NowOpen checks
teckcc88 checks
monafa checks
PingPhuong checks
TURN ($0.22) Ad Ah 6d 2s
mei7777 checks
NowOpen checks
teckcc88 checks
monafa checks
PingPhuong bets $0.11
mei7777 folds
NowOpen calls $0.11
teckcc88 folds
monafa calls $0.11
RIVER ($0.55) Ad Ah 6d 2s Jh
NowOpen checks
monafa bets $0.24
PingPhuong folds
NowOpen folds
gazzapam shows 7c Qs
(Pre 36%, Flop 0.0%, Turn 0.0%)

monafa shows Js Ac
(Pre 64%, Flop 100.0%, Turn 100.0%)

monafa wins $0.52


5% : 77 to AA
10%: 66+, AK, AQ
15%: 22+, AXs
20%: BRs
25%: AX, 54s+
30%: BR
40%: 32s+
50%: FD, K5o+, 1GapS

draw heavy board
NL Holdem $0.02(BB) IPoker Game#2187015514

pepis4 ($5.24)
xASZ1990x ($3.54)
ryuperu ($5.27)
MrMmoney ($0.97)
sunny520 ($0.88)
pointdownstream ($1.02)
mcgrady9 ($5)
86region ($0.97)
papaprimatopulo ($1.48)
LADYPRUE ($1.13)

pepis4 posts (SB) $0.01
xASZ1990x posts (BB) $0.02

Dealt to pointdownstream Ad 3d
fold, fold, fold,
pointdownstream calls $0.02
fold, fold, fold, fold,
pepis4 calls $0.01
xASZ1990x checks
FLOP ($0.06) 4s 2d 5s
pepis4 bets $0.02
xASZ1990x raises to $0.12
pointdownstream calls $0.12
pepis4 calls $0.10
TURN ($0.42) 4s 2d 5s Kd
pepis4 bets $0.02
xASZ1990x raises to $0.50
pointdownstream calls $0.50
pepis4 raises to $5.10 (AI)
xASZ1990x calls $2.90 (AI)
pointdownstream calls $0.38 (AI)
RIVER ($8.10) 4s 2d 5s Kd 9c
pointdownstream shows Ad 3d
(Pre 46%, Flop 11.2%, Turn 23.8%)

pepis4 shows Kh 2h
(Pre 34%, Flop 3.3%, Turn 9.5%)

xASZ1990x shows 3c 6s
(Pre 20%, Flop 85.5%, Turn 66.7%)

xASZ1990x wins $7.56

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My kids would always see me playing poker and ask that I teach them how to play. So this morning, I was at the hospice shop and found a good set of used cards for only a dollar.

After dinner, I sat with them on the floor and taught them the basics of texas holdem poker. I showed them the card ranking and which ones win. We used monopoly money as chips and put in one dollar each in the pot. Just one bet. Whoever makes the best hand by river wins the pot.

They said they pretty much understood the concept. They all want to play some more in the coming days. I wrote down the card rankings in a piece of paper so they can use that as a cheat sheet while playing.

They said real poker wasn't as boring as it is playing in the computer. I now have future poker players in the making.
my game feels like it is going nowhere at betfred poker. I get premium cards, get called, then lose on the river. Well, not all of the time. I guess this shows me that I am putting my attention on the bad beats and forget about the times I gave bad beat.

So what's the issue then? Patience. I want to get there fast and now. So I take risks. I play hands and not see the big picture. There are times when, after looking at the big picture, I get lucked out. I guess this is poker.

It's all polarity. When I pick up one end of the stick, I also get the other side. How to deal with this? Allow it to be. Variance, luck--these are neutral props. They mean nothing other than the meaning I put into them.

Just allow them to be, learn from it and make it a positive experience for me. Tomorrow morning, I will review my hand history. I'll try and find how I could have played better.

I'll try a different site tomorrow. Ipoker is an ok network, but I love playing in ftp. I'll do one table in tomorrow's morning session.
I am now the proud owner of a registered small stakes version of holdem manager--YES!

I am taking a break from playing with my real money with ftp. I still play live, but playing with the no deposit bonus accounts with ipoker.

I am plugging my leaks, and at the same time, testing some insights I gained in the recent past. They seem to be holding water at the moment. My game is hovering around breakeven. My losses are small and I get to see more flops.

The method I am testing seems to work best on less tables. The more tables I play, above 3, the less profitable for me.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is my live account with Celebpoker. It shows winnings in bb recently passing short term resistance. They're still in a downtrend looking at it in the big picture, but short term, the chart seems to have bottomed and on the upswing--short term.

I feel like I am on to something here. I learned some things this afternoon that reinforced about how I feel I should be playing, not how "think" I should be playing.

For one, preflop is like a pissing contest--mine is better than yours. Fold!

The real poker comes on the flop. That stats doesn't really matter much other than to tell you how the player works with what he had in the past. The plays are made, if you were to look at it from an investment point of view, were high return investments. They were worth cheap, but gave returns that were more than double the initial investment.

There was less pressure for me. All I had to do was wait for the right starting cards and play them. If I see an opportunity, then I invest some more, enticing the other players to put in more money.

I'll test this method and refine it in the coming days. In the meantime, I am putting less importance on stats. I'll focus more on winrates and what other players will bring to showdown. Aggression seems to be not a factor in winning poker. I will have to prove this out.
Grabbed by[url=] Holdem Manager[/url]
NL Holdem $0.02(BB) IPoker
SB ($0.98)
[color=red]Hero ($5.87)
[/color]UTG ($5.08)
UTG+1 ($5.45)
UTG+2 ($0.98)
MP1 ($0.97)
MP2 ($1)
CO ($0.55)
BTN ($3.41)

Dealt to Hero 6:club: 9:spade:

fold, fold, UTG+2 calls $0.02, fold, MP2 checks, fold, fold, SB calls $0.01, [color=red]Hero checks[/color]

FLOP ($0.08) 9:diamond: 8:diamond: 6:diamond:

SB bets $0.02, [color=red]Hero calls $0.02, [/color]UTG+2 folds, MP2 calls $0.02

TURN ($0.14) 9:diamond: 8:diamond: 6:diamond: 5:club:

SB bets $0.02, [color=red]Hero raises to $0.04, [/color]MP2 folds, SB folds

Hero shows 6:club: 9:spade:

Hero wins $0.17

Stack up 50bb
This article helped me see the light.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking back at hand history where I lost, I see that I was playing hands where I shouldn't have. Was I looking to get lucky, or bored? I can't really remember. Here's one particular hand. I had A9s in middle position. Someone raise before me and I should have folded. AXs should only be played either in late position or in the blinds, and folded when raised preflop.

Full Tilt Poker Game #19325640746: Table Shire - $0.01/$0.02 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:17:36 ET - 2010/03/17
Seat 1: Lot49 ($4.18)
Seat 2: sntEddie ($0.99)
Seat 3: hidenseek90 ($0.70)
Seat 4: DJWhiteGuy ($2)
Seat 5: Mad_Mat_UK ($6.67)
Seat 6: Now Open ($1.04)
Seat 7: NoLimitLimit ($4.81)
Seat 8: geov79 ($2)
Seat 9: MYTHICSTATUS82 ($2.35)
sntEddie posts the small blind of $0.01
hidenseek90 posts the big blind of $0.02
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Now Open [9d Ad]
DJWhiteGuy raises to $0.08
Mad_Mat_UK folds
Now Open calls $0.08
NoLimitLimit calls $0.08
geov79 folds
Lot49 folds
sntEddie folds
hidenseek90 folds
*** FLOP *** [8c 6d As]
DJWhiteGuy has 15 seconds left to act
DJWhiteGuy bets $0.14
Now Open calls $0.14
NoLimitLimit folds
*** TURN *** [8c 6d As] [Ks]
DJWhiteGuy has 15 seconds left to act
DJWhiteGuy bets $0.24
Now Open has 15 seconds left to act
Now Open folds
Now Open adds $0.20
Uncalled bet of $0.24 returned to DJWhiteGuy
DJWhiteGuy mucks
DJWhiteGuy wins the pot ($0.52)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $0.55 | Rake $0.03
Board: [8c 6d As Ks]
Seat 1: Lot49 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: sntEddie (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: hidenseek90 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: DJWhiteGuy collected ($0.52), mucked
Seat 5: Mad_Mat_UK didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: Now Open folded on the Turn
Seat 7: NoLimitLimit folded on the Flop
Seat 8: geov79 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: MYTHICSTATUS82 didn't bet (folded)

Tuition paid here and there add up. This is one of the reasons my bankroll is down. I must have been playing loose in the last few hundred hands and it didn't show in my stats. I should be checking my stats for the last hundred hands after each session, then weekends, check the all hands stats to get the big picture.

Lesson learned. Moving on.
I finished my second challenge on ftp academy. That went faster than the first one I took, which is still pending at 40%. I've made that active and will now finish that one.
I am changing the way I tag my posts. There is one general tag I use when I blog my games and that is "DAYS." It's too general and now takes up a lot of posts.

I am making new tags to help me sort the good days and the days I get schooled. I'll use "UP" for the days I make good, and "TUITION" for the other days I paid to learn how to play. I am going to discontinue using "DAYS", or maybe use that tag for posts that doesn't fit the other tags I am using.
I am in a downswing right now. Am I still making good decisions when I am playing? I think so. As much as I can, I make decisions based on my gameplan. I rarely play speculative hands, and in those rare occasions, only when the price is right.

If I were to play TAG, continue playing, being my best in every moment, but still experience downswing--What is the worst thing that can happen?

- I will lose my bankroll.
- I lose control and play anything.
- I'd get bored.
- I'll quit and get a job.

I think the worst fear I have is that I will lose money. But I am ahead. I started with %50 and now I have $150. Even if I were to play 2NL and not improve, it'll be a long time before I zero my bankroll. In the process, I will improve. As it is, I am a better player. I am experiencing this and still play well. Everyone goes through this process.

I don't think I'd lose control for a very long time. There might be hands where I'd play speculatively, hands which are not in my range. I think this is part of the process. I know that if and when I do decide to play specs, there's a reason for it; that I am doing that to learn something.

Get a job? I don't think that's the question here. I already have a job. I work for myself. Poker is my business. I am 100% into this. It works or it doesn't, this is still the choice I make.

Getting bored? When I find myself getting bored with this, like I see myself a few times, then I am playing too much and it is time to take a break. At this time, I feel like I need to take a few days off. It's a friday. I might do so. Might.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

calculating ev

I played my bonus accounts with ipoker in the morning session. The reason I did so was to see if there was to isolate what the issue is. Playing withthe bonus accounts, there is less pressure, less performance anxiety. I decided, I'll follow the game plan with no expectation of how the outcome will be. If the hand calls for a raise, I raise, even if it puts me all in. If the hands call for a fold, no matter how speculative the hand is, I fold.

At first I played with one table. My head was looking for action so much that I was putting meaning into things that were always neutral. I'd think that this player was doing that, so I'd do this or that. Seeing this, I decided to add more tables.

With four tables, my head was more preoccupied trying to catch up with all the clicks that had to be made. When there was quiet time, my head looked at the hud to see how the active players were faring. Slow but sure, the stacks were going up. I was astonished at how quiet things were in my head. When this happens, do this. When that happens, do that. No mind reading on other players.

I had a good session, ending in the positive.

My conclusion here is that I am trying to get from here to there, not being in the process more fully. I see that, if I am present in the moment, I learn and gain all the skills necessary to move up from 2NL to 5NL. If I am anxious to move up and get high expectations on my game, I do not play well.

I guess I am going to play my ipoker accounts for now, see if I can bring up my numbers. When I do that, then I go back playing in ftp--no sense making rakeback if I am losing bankroll.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am done playing for the day. Paid a lot of tuition today. I think I am playing too many tables somewhat. I am going through the 2p2 forum and working with HEM to find my leaks.
I paid tuition this morning, lost about half the gains I made the past few days. I decided last night to play suited connectors and suited one gappers. About 50 hands into the session, I noticed it wasn't working. My vpip was in the high 30s and I wasn't winning. I did not notice any of the suits I was playing was paying off. This got me off center.

When I started getting premium pocket pairs, someone would call, KK, JJ and AK and they'd land their sets on the flop. This happened three times. I think the tuition I paid the most were from these plays.

These things happen. They are all part of the game. If they can get lucky, then I allow that knowing that I too can get lucky. I don't have to feel bad about how I play.

I'm going to take a break now to clear my vibration. I'll go to the grocery and get food. I'll come back, do yoga, then play again after that. My vibration would be better then.

Having paid tuition, I am going to put to use the lessons I have learned:
- Fresh on the tables, I play tight with the intention of growing my stack patiently.
- when stack is x2, I will then widen my range and start playing with suits.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am learning how to use holdem manager and I am OVERWHELMED. There's so much information I can learn from this software that will help improve my game. So far, I am learning how to use the overall stats. I was able to tighten up my game and improve winnings simply by focusing on getting these stats within range during live play.

At the moment, I was looking at the hands database--I'm not sure if that's how you call it. I am aware that I mostly play pocket pairs, and I am making money out of it. I just learned by playing around with the functions that I can get better results by playing suited connectors and suited one gappers. I tested data how things will turn out if I played pp's plus suited cards (for a flush draw). The numbers were encouraging, but not as good as pp's with suited connectors and one gappers.

I don't know yet how I will play those three, but for now, I will play pp's as before, play suits on cheap flops and see how things go.

It sure is going to be worth it when I get the license for holdem manager.

Monday, March 15, 2010

While the poker books I've read were "informative", the resources I found on the internet were more helpful in getting to improve my game. They were more in touch with the level that I am playing in. was a big help as I learned the "basics" from them. They told me to do this preflop, then when this happens, do this, if that happens, do that. Plain and simple. On the tables, I began to see the logic as to why I should be doing this and that. From there, I adapted, made some changes and applied. Things seem to be working.
My stats are back on the getting better track. I am playing less tables. I think the reason for the downswing was that I was playing too many tables for my skill level. Another factor could be that I was tilting because the pc wasn't running well.

At the moment, I am very selective with my starting hands. When I do get the nuts, I am aggressive. I am also limiting my net loss to 25bb, which is in my ftp academy challenge. I seldom go all in even if I have the nuts, unless the other player shoves.

One change I also made was to avoid showdowns when I am less than 15 minutes at the table and my stack is barely breaking even. Of course, when I find myself with the nuts, I go. But if I am somehow not sure if I am far ahead, then either I check it down or fold. When I am winning bb's then I am more at ease going into showdowns. At least I am playing for free.

It gets boring when I've been playing for more than an hour. Not a lot of action happening. I'm not complaining, boring and making money is better than getting a lot of action, but losing money.

The pc has been running good for the last 12 hours. What did I do right here? There was a change I made in the ftp shortcut properties. It was under compatibility and I unchecked disable desktop composition. Immediately after that, the bet window wasn't rewriting several times. I also moved one of the HUDS away from the bet window. I read somewhere this could be causing the problem. Last night we saw a movie and I left the pc running on defragment. When we finished the movie, it was still running. I let defrag finish itself and went to bed with the pc on. This morning, she's running good.

This pc is two years old and I think last night was only the second time that I ran defrag. I am adding that to my maintenance schedule from now on.

From here I go on break--do yoga, have lunch, maybe take a nap then play before getting the kids to school. I love mondays! It's so quiet in the house and I am able to concentrate more on my game.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I just finished a session playing 4 tables. Soon as I close all programs, HEM, TN and FTP, my PC froze. I am now going to contact tableninja support to fix this issue once and for all. It's a great software, automating a lot of small details I can do without while playing poker. But if it's going to be a pain, I can do without it, or make do with a substitute.
Too early to say, but I may have fixed the tableninja issue. I went into the ftp folder in program files, right clicked on the ftp.exe file, properties, then clicked on run program as admin. Plus there was one other thing I clicked on, i forgot, but they are all found on the 2p2 software forum. I should have bookmarked that for future reference.

Here is the thread on 2p2 for tableninja. Here is the thread on 2p2 where I found how to configure ftp to run as admin.

On the HUD, one of them was sitting pretty close to where the bets are typed in. I moved that one to the left side of the player icon. In the tableninja forum on 2p2, the techperson said this could be a cause for one of the mistyping issue.

I downloaded tableninja, install then run. I opened HEM, then ftp. I opened four tables, played for about half an hour with no glitches. All software running at optimal levels, no lags. I'll play some more after lunch to see if I find anything.

Took me all morning to go through the forum, but it's worth it. I am going to play four tables for the rest of the week, 2NL. I may have been playing far too many tables last week and wasn't playing well that way. It was exciting, but my bankroll says otherwise. One week 4 tables and if I make money, I add one more and play that for a week. I'll repeat this process until I am playing as many tables as possible.

I have the ftp poker academy challenges written on a paper sitting beside me. There were several opportunities that presented itself and I took it. It worked. There were times I'd get called or reraised. If it didn't work out, I folded.

Soon as the bankroll allows it, I move up to the next level, then start the multi table process again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here are my stats for the week. The numbers vs the results confuse me. I was able to narrow down the gap between my vpip and pfr, and yet, my bankroll is lower.

My assumption here is that I need to fix my postflop game. I remember early in the week adding more hands in my range based on a thread that I saw on 2p2. That range felt too loose for me, didn't know how to play it. After a day of that seeing my bankroll shrink, I decided to go back to my old range. It worked well for me in the past. I know I can make something out of it, make the method mine in the days to come.

Also, I was dealing with PC issues. The ftp game platform would often freeze then crash in the middle of my multi table games. I was multi tabling 6 to ten tables, then everything will just stop. As such, I'd have to restart the pc, resulting in me losing my head. I decided to focus on the pc issue if I wanted to get better results.

Saturday night, I am playing freerolls. I just finished one for New Zealand. Finished early in that. I got AK, open raising 3xbb. Villain went all in. Seeing how loose this player was, I shoved too. Too late--he had AA.

Lesson here was I seldom see him shoving all in, unless he had nuts. I was also upset that the other players in the table were passive and he'd just call, then steal the blinds. That was none of my business. My business is to keep to my gameplan.

Tuition paid, lesson learned, moving on.
I've made some progress with the first ftp poker academy challenge. I am not actively working on the challenge, but these challenges are part of the things that I am improving on. The only part of the challenge that is has no progress is:

"In middle position (UTG+2, UTG+3, UTG+4, playing 9- or 8-handed), open-raise to 2.5 times the big blind 3 times with the following hands: A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, T-T, 9-9, 8-8, 7-7, A-K, A-Q, A-J."

Not that I do not want to work on it, but that the opportunity has not presented itself yet.

I've added another challenge. This time from Phil Gordon's lesson on Common nhle game leaks.

Curious as to what FREE lessons you can have from the Full Tilt Poker Academy? See for yourself. Click here.
Finally--I am proud to say that I was able to troubleshoot my own pc. It wasn't a malware issue as I feared. It was tableninja. I don't know how, but tableninja was slowing down my pc. My pc is now back to how it was before.

I am going to miss tableninja thought. I am now looking into a different mtt software. It's not perfect, still in beta, but exclusively for ftp. Most of the other mtt software are for pokerstars. No surprise there. PS has the most members, so that's a big market. I'll try download one in a few days. I first want to make sure that my system is clean and running well.

I'll post my stats in a short while.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I ran antivirus on my pc this afternoon and it found two folders with malware! These two folders were poker-related which I got from This could probably be one reason why my pc has been acting weird lately.

Next time, i am going to screen that downloads soon as I get them. I also set my antivirus to automatically update itself. I run maintenance every weekends, I wonder how I missed that one?
Here is the reply that I got from with regards to rakeback with ftp:

FTP deducts for the following items...
1) Player Fees - Processing fees paid for your deposit.
(2) Player Bonus - Bonus awarded to your account; typically a deposit bonus.
(3) Used Points - The value of FTP points redeemed. Points are valued at $.005 per point.
(4) Player Added - The cash value of money-added tournaments. (Participation in guaranteed tournaments that overlay.)
For March, FTP has deducted $2 for Player Bonus and $50.89 for Player Added. The deductions are made before the 27% rate is calculated. Negative rake rolls over to the next pay period.
The pay period at FTP begins on Tues. and ends on Mon. FTP credits player accounts on Fri. The details of your rakeback deal w/ FTP can be viewed by clicking on the following link:
We distribute referral payments during the middle of the month for the previous months' earnings. If for some reason your referral does not show up in your member area let us know. Here is a link to the referral program at Rake Back Nation:
If you have additional questions feel free to email us.
Morning session, played more than 500 hands in two hours. I am down 24bb total. My numbers now have improved, and the reason my bankroll is down probably has something to do with my postflop game.

I caught myself going to showdown with one pair a few times. I was doing 8 tables and wasn't concentrating on it as much. I'll pay attention to that next time. I went to showdown less, but won 50+% of the time. I'll post my stats at the end of the day.

I changed my morning session routine. I decided to play soon as everyone is out of the house then do yoga when I am done. This way, I give full attention to what I am doing. After yoga, I'll prepare my lunch, clean up then sharpen the saw.

My game setup/platofrm seems to work seamlessly this time. I did a reinstall on tableninja as well. FTP platform did not crash nor freeze, nor did I experience any lag.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't get it. I played tight aggressive, being extra picky with the hands I play, but I lost money.

Do I blame the fact that the ftp platform was crashing on me? I think that's a lame excuse. I think part of the reason was because I was trying out a different set of starting hands. They felt way looser than what I was used to. i was raising, according to the writer Q8s/o on the button. I never opened with those hands in that position before, unless there was only one player left.

There was a stretch of time I played this way, from afternoon to the night session. I think that was what caused it. In the late evening session, I decided to go back what I was doing before. I made a profit, but wasn't enough to cover the losses I incurred earlier. At least I learned something in that experience.

I got an email reply from ftp tech support. They asked to delete everything, including regedit, that had fulltiltpoker on it. Reboot, download again then reinstall. I am waiting for the download to finish so I can reinstall before going to bed.

Here are the tech support instructions on how to do this:

Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.
We kindly ask that you reinstall the Full Tilt Poker software.
If you have saved player notes in the software that you don't want to lose, follow these three steps to back up this information first:
1) On the "Start" menu, click on "My Computer".
2) Select your main hard drive (usually "C:"), "Program Files", and "Full Tilt Poker". If you saved the software to a different location than the default directory when you installed it, go there instead.
3) Locate file called "[YourPlayerID].xml". The text in square brackets will be your actual Player ID on Full Tilt Poker. Copy this file and paste it on to your desktop.
Please reboot your computer and follow these nine steps to reinstall the software:
1) Click on the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel".
2) Click on "Add or Remove Programs", select "Full Tilt Poker", and click on "Change/Remove" to uninstall the program.
3) Delete the file called "Fulltiltsetup.exe" from the location you saved it to when you installed the software.
4) Click on the "Start" menu and select "Run...".
5) In the window that appears, type the following in the text space: regedit
6) Click "OK".
7) Expand the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" folder and then the "Software" folder. Locate the "Full Tilt Poker" folder and delete it.
8) Expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder and then the "Software" folder. Locate the "Full Tilt Poker" folder and delete it.
9) Reboot your computer.
Once you have completed these steps, download and install the Full Tilt Poker software at:
If you are still experiencing difficulties or if there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know.
Technical Representative
Full Tilt Poker Support
Busy day.

I have been running here and there so I can get this Residency issue behind me, but still not quite. I have everything I need except for the wife's passport. I think we can get this wrapped up by tonight and get that application in the mail by tommorrow.

While I was doing all that, my computer was uninstalling the vista sp2 that severely slowed down my computer. It took three hours to finish that. Good thing it was in the background. The PC is now more click-responsive. There's still some lag, but it could be because of the hem and table ninja working with the ftp platform in the background. I can work with that.

After dinner, I'll put in some volume in my game. At the moment, my stats on hem is where I want it to be. Just need to add volume to make it permanent. Also to test if the ftp platform is going to crash or not. I don't think it will, but we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am not sure if I have the right numbers here, but it seems I am going to get $12 in rakeback added to my account. That's a big amount--like winning 600big blinds!

Now I know now where the money is coming from to pay for HEM. Salamat!

PS, a few days later...
I read somewhere in 2p2 that a negative number means this my cashback was deducted from a bonus I got. So far, I only have six dollars received as bonus. Something doesn't make sense here. I will look for a way to contact support for rakebacknation and clear this up. Or I'll find out when rakeback is released for this given time period.
I tested everything live, playing six tables FR at 2NL. I was able to play for maybe an hour before the ftp platform crashed. First there was lag, then the screen turned white.

I was up all in all, last I checked I was up about 46bb's. That's ok for the day. My high was yesterday's(?) $156 in the account. Then the gui problem started. I'll look into the forums and see if I can find a fix on this. I don't think it's a problem with my pc, but I am open to anything.

No reply to my support ticket email to pt3 so I went ahead and installed the hem demo. HEM is so much better than pt3! The interface is easier to use, clicks respond faster. I still need to learn how to run this thing, but right now, I like HEM better and will look into how best to purchase a license.

One thing I am trying to figure out is how to get the 1k or so hands that I have with pt3. Somehow it doesn't show on hem. I'll try and figure that out. If not, so be it. At least this is working better. My numbers are way improved this time. I am conscious of them when playing. What I did notice was that I am opening with a wider range of hands and it seems to be working. I am getting paid.

Table ninja seems to be working well with the ftp platform. I turned off chat and I think that helped a bit. I was noticing the chat, when in normal mode, would become highlighted somewhat. I think that could be where the problem was. In silent mode, the platform was more responsive to table ninja.

I am done for the day. Time to sharpen the saw.
It seems that the FTP platform crash issue has more to do with Ftp than my pc. There were several posts on 2p2 complaining of lag and crash issues.

I tried fixing the problem and ended up doing a system restore to a few days back. I reinstalled table ninja, tried a round in one table and I think there were no problems. PT3 came up with a problem--the program can't connect to the database.

I then looked up how to fix this, ended up on the pt3 website. They recommended uninstall the database, then reinstall. This took some time but I finished it. I then reinstalled pt3 as recommended by the site.

PT3 still did not work.

I then proceeded to download and install holdem manager. Looking at their website, it seems like HEM is superior to pt3. Their micro stakes version lets you play up to 50NL whereas pt3, you can only play up to 25NL. There is a $10 difference between the two. One advantage I see with hem is that, according to them, I can use HUD on rush poker. I think pt3 also allows that, but the hem article got me sold.

There is a 15 day trial starting today. I can either pay the micro stakes version which is about $60, or open an account with one of their affiliate poker sites, earn enough points and get hem for free. I am looking into NoIQ poker. They have zero minimum and the lowest points to earn--100points. The rest are at least double that amount. The only drawback is that, when I check out the NoIQ website, there was less than 2k players online.

I'll give hem a test drive for 15 days. It is possible for me to win $60 playing with ftp. If that doesn't work by day 12, I open an account with the other sites.

Except for testing the game platform, I haven't played the whole day!
For some reason, FTP kept crashing yesterday. It probably had something to do with table ninja. This morning, I was able to make some band-aid fix on the issue and it went OK. But suddenly, my HUD wasn't doing what it was supposed to do.

I was afraid this had something to do with the SP2 update I did a while back. I am now spending half the day troubleshooting this issue. I might have to upgrade my pc soon. This unit is going three years old this year.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am happy with the improvements I am seeing in my game. This morning I think I made 300bb profit (net profit $6 divide by big blind $0.02) playing 2NL. The changes I made are the following:

- I tightened my starting hands.
- When I have premium to strong hole cards, I am betting aggressively.
- I try to steal blinds.
- I have HUD running so I am aware of pt3 stats, both mine and the other players.
- played 6 tables.

I now have table ninja running and configured well. I am able to focus on my game rather than fumbling around looking for something to click on. There was one time playing this morning when the ftp platform crashed. I think I was pressing the hotkeys too fast for the platform to catch up. On restart, I went slower and the issue did not happen again. I am going into the forum and see what to do about it.

What's next? Take a break, pick up the kids from school, then play some more when we get back.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I have just finished evening set. I think I played about 300 hands in an hour or so. I played five tables using table ninja. It was easier. It was better than having to click all my actions. I was just pressing the hotkeys so my mind was more quiet. If the criteria was not met, I fold. I think table ninja made it easier for me to fold.

I think I was able to release part of my deposit bonus. If so, I was down 8bb for this set. That be fine with me. I was playing tight. I was stealing bets and I was playing more hands.

What's good about playing multi table and stacked together was that I am indifferent to how the hand will come out. Soon as I make a decision on a hand, table ninja brings to my attention a different hand. I wouldn't know what happened to the other hand I just acted on. I'd only see the result on my bankroll a few minutes later.

synchronicity is when you act on your excitement and the universe supports you. I am having that right now. My game is improving; I have access to all these resources that are all part of my process.
I have just chatted with a potential staker a few hours ago. With the game stats I have at the moment, I don't think I'd be eligible for staking. I'm going to give that up for now. I would only be wasting their time and mine.

What I am going to do is bring up the number of hands played, playing according to gameplan. It was good that I was able to add more to my bankroll yesterday. I am delaying moving up to 5NL, will stay with 2NL, increase the number of tables that I play and make good.

When to move up? When I make $50.
I am taking advantage of the FREE version table ninja for ftp. This software automates the clicking process into a few select hotkeys. Back when I was trading stocks, there was a similar functionality in the trading platform that we were using.

It's very useful and gives me one less thing to do so I can focus more on my game. It was a bit confusing at first trying to remember which hotkey goes for what. I have a cheat sheet beside me while playing. But I see the potential with this in the long term. It makes multi-tabling so much easier.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I won $100!

I chanced upon the Oceania Freeroll in ftp this afternoon. It was a freeroll for ftp customers who first deposited money this feb. Out of 99 players, I finished 14th place, guaranteed $100, which is now credited in my account.

Now that IS synchronicity!

Statistics for 220 Hands
Street Saw Saw/Total
Flop 44 20%
Turn 21 10%
River 18 8%
Showdown 14 6%
Street Won Won/Saw Won/Total
Pre-flop 20 9% 9%
Flop 9 20% 4%
Turn 3 14% 1%
River 1 6% 0%
Showdown 5 36% 2%

This is my first in the money finish in a tournament. Down to the last 30 players (cutoff was 18), I tightened up a lot and did not dare to steal the blinds. I should have done so, looking back. My stack would not have been halved paying blinds and antes. With a healthy stack after the cut-off, I probably could have finished higher. I know better what to do next time.

I used to trade foreign exchange barely making any profit. Here I am playing poker and I was able to triple my bankroll in one afternoon. I'm still a Cash games player and I dabble in tournaments only to test something new and to practice my skills.

Baseline Stats

The above stats I got from 2p2. I am going to use that as my target/goal for improving my game in the coming weeks. Below are my stats for the last 560 or so hands from pt3.

Further study on pt3--I suck at this game. I guess I was deluding myself to think that I am a breakeven player. None of the stats on the different sites I play in are above the zero line.

I now see where the opportunity for improving lies--practice aggression in position. Last night was a good start at ftp. I was betting on position, waiting for good hole cards. When everyone folds to me, I'd raise and try to steal the blinds. If I get raised back, I try to see what the flop will bring then decide from there.

I am also learning how to read pt3 stats of other players and see how I can use that to advantage. At least the graph on ftp seems to have formed a bottom. I'd like to see that chart break recent highs and make higher lows.

I don't think I can post my stats at 2p2. My volume isn't even 1k hands. I'd like to bring that higher in the weeks to come. At this time, I am playing 3-4 tables at a time 2NL FR.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I played a set using pt3. It is an amazing tool. It showed me performance stats, not only mine, but also of the other players. This software in now way will predict what the player is going to do next. Rather, it gives you an idea of what he did in the past, then you will have to make an assumption of what he will most likely do at the present moment.

Seeing my stats from previous hands, I raised up my aggression factor by a notch. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but after a few hands, I was catching wind and was beating some guys at showdown. I did not feel any luckier, but by being aggressive, I was able to give my hole cards some leg room.

At first I was aggressive in the wrong way, trying to bluff other players. Losing money, I knew it wouldn't work. Inside, I knew how to play aggressive, which was to wait for good hole cards, then to bet aggressively.

There were stretches when I didn't catch anything. When I did, either I'd steal the blinds, or find one in a showdown. Rarely did I have more than one player against in a showdown.

From hereon, my homework is to learn how to read the stats and how to apply them in my game. Professional poker is really is a full time job. It's not just about playing all the time, but also taking the time to sharpen the saw, as Stephen Covey would say.
I am learning how to use pt3 and realized that I have been playing naked all this time. Anyone with poker tracking software can see my stats while I am playing.

While it is true that stats reference to past action, which can easily be changed in the present moment, I feel that this software can be a valuable tool for anyone who seeks to improve his or her game.

I am waiting for a table to open so I can see how HUD works in real time. This is going to be interesting!

EV All in performance

Money won (Showdown and non showdown) for hands played

BB won for hands played

PT3 observations

I am learning how to use pt3 to improve my game. What I have learned so far is that I need to play more aggressively. This means I need to play more hands when in position. Play more hands when in the button, maybe even at CO.

OK, that's one aspect I am going to work on in the coming days.

Money won for hands played

Pokertracker3 now works on my pc. This graph shows my performance for the past three days. I'll play with it some more and see how I can use it to better myself.


I have made some changes to the blog, making it easier for anyone who is interested in getting started in playing poker as a business.

Playing poker, I make money two ways: One is from winning pots, and the second is from rakeback. The cash flow that I am making right now is small. Over time, I get better in my game and will move up in stakes. The higher the stakes I play, the higher the pots I win and the rakeback that I make. This is where I see most of the cash coming from.

The second way that I make money playing poker is through this blog. Almost everyday I am updating this blog. I write almost anything and everything that is related to my game. This blog chronicles my journey from startup/newbie poker player to poker enthusiast who makes a lot of money. With the traffic I get from this website, people will click on the banner ads or links and I get paid again when they sign up.

This blog was never really intended for people to see. I started blogging to write my day to day experiences playing poker. Doing so, I can see what I am doing right, and notice areas of improvement. Since it is out there anyway and people can google it, I decided, why not make money out of it?

The wife and kids decided to go to the beach. I had to finish up washing the dishes and chose not to come along. I'll take a nap later, then play a set after dinner.
Morning session. Played 128 hands on three tables, breaking even. as I was setting up, i had hole cards which i was to muck. I accidentally clicked on call as one of the ss players went all in. Tuition paid, lesson learned and now moving on. Happy hour and I made about six ftp points. I think I am a few points shy from getting part of my deposit bonus released.

Wife and kids are in school for an activity. After that I go with the wife to the grocery. There is a poker tournament this afternoon at bar africa. I'm thinking of going so I can get some time out for myself. We'll see what time we finish grocery and lunch. I'm not sure I can make it though. If not, I'll be online the rest of the day--unless Kyla wants to go out for a bike ride.

It Works!

I found this in my inbox today. It's an email from full tilt poker cashier. It seems that someone clicked on my banner ads and followed through with the sign up process. This is an added source of cash flow for me and all I had to do was set up this blog, sign up with the affiliate program and write about my experiences. It's a small amount, but they all add up.

To those who signed up through this website--Thank you very much! to

This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.

Affiliate Username: m***
Player ID: N***
Date and Time: 2010-03-05 09:43:37
Transfer Number: A2P7ECB46C04
Amount: 0.26


This affiliate transfer has been approved. The funds transferred are
now available in your account.

Thank you for partnering with Full Tilt Poker

Friday, March 5, 2010

Played three tables for the evening session, 41 hands total. Paid a dollar in tuition. I think it was that one hand where I had three of a kind and the other player had a full house.

One other hand I thought I made top pair with Jx hole card. After making the bet, I realized it was a 7 on the board. After folding that hand, I decided I need to stop playing, call it a day.

Here is my friday bankroll balance. Paid tuition this week, but it's ok. It's not steep, the amount I paid was expected, part of the game. I think I made good decisions while I was at the tables. At least I tried to make as good decisions as I can given the situation/information that I saw on the table. When I was wrong, I review the hand and see how I could have done differently. Sometimes, I see where I could have done differently, other times, I was blindsided.

Looking back these past few days, I am pleased with how I am playing. From a high of $59, to a low of $48 and now back at $50. I was able to bring my bankroll up to a level where I can play 5NL. I get to play at that level for a few days as I am winning mostly in my morning session. I think I get too affected when I lose a buy in at that level as that eats up a big chunk on my bankroll.

Even if I paid tuition on the 5NL level, it is worth it. I feel that 2NL is not that much different from 5NL. I was in fact, able to thrive at that level for a few days. I gained more from the experience in relation to the tuition that I paid (when I say tuition, it means I lost money).

I will be multi-tabling 2NL FR for now, bring my bankroll up again. Did I ever felt lucky (or not lucky) playing the tables these past few days? There were times I wish I was lucky. Most of the time, I was busy reading table dynamics. I take it then that my attention is bent towards improving my skills as a player, than hoping that I'd get lucky next time.

All this feels like I am in an upward spiral. Good! It is all good!